Monday, May 24, 2010


Pity the poor Palestinian Arab. They have to fill up weeks of Nakba celebrations with new and innovative ways to demand worldwide pity. 

After all, there are only so many victimhood points available, and Palestinian Arabs are competing with those pesky Haitians and Sudanese and others for their fair share.

And Nakba is not just a one-day thing - it is a way of life, where from roughly mid-April through the end of May the PalArabs must come up with gimmicks that will remind the world yet again how terrible things are.

Yesterday brought us one of the more original and mystifying examples of the annual Nakbapalooza pity party. In the center of Ramallah, a city that has been Judenrein for years - a city that is now, for the first time in history, under Palestinian Arab rule - an actress playing a bride, wearing a 50-meter long train on her wedding dress, walked along the streets:

Traffic was stopped on a major Ramallah street for this display.

Then, the other participants in this bizarre ceremony stepped on the dress:

The reason for this is that, if enough people stepped on the dress, it would turn black. This would be a symbol of mourning.

It symbolizes the catastrophe of Palestinian Arabs being treated like dirt for the part 62 years by their fellow Arabs, as their rights have been trampled by the Jordanians, Egyptians, Lebanese, Syrians and every other Arab country.

Oh, sorry, that's not the symbolism here. It's something else altogether. Something to do with Israel, I think. The citizens of the PA - who have an Olympic team, a flag, an UN representative, and more autonomy than most Arabs -  are taking their copious amounts of free time to create long wedding dresses that are meant to be stepped on to complain about how poorly they are treated by the Jews.

You can just imagine people in Darfur doing the same thing.