Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hamas to decrease "Zionist" immorality in Gaza colleges

Palestine Today reports that Hamas has started a new program to stop immorality in Gaza's colleges.

Lt. Col. Emad Deeb is heading the initiative to "stop and prevent the spread of moral corruption among students." The immorality is, of course, due to the "occupation" and those who support the Zionist occupiers - meaning Fatah.

Deeb said that "we recovered a set of documents that prove the involvement of Fatah in spreading corruption and immorality among university students, especially the Islamic University in Gaza."

These include evidence of pornography video clips being transferred via Bluetooth. (This indicates to me that Hamas is already watching all Internet traffic at Gaza colleges, as Bluetooth messages cannot be as easily intercepted.)

Deeb also said that "the policy of the Zionist occupation is aimed at destroying the infrastructure of Palestinian education, including the spread of ignorance of students and moral and social corruption through the deployment of its agents among the students," adding that the Zionists "helped to fuel partisan strife and violence among students and create problems that lead them to wreak havoc inside and outside the campus with the support of the occupation and its agents of power fleeing to the West [Bank.]"

Finally, he addressed the students directly, saying, "You have to study and keep away from the temptations of this world and the temptations of the devil so that you can complete your studies and your life, and we invite you to go to the offices of university Security Police in case you encounter a particular problem. We guarantee your confidentiality and non-disclosure of your problem."

Sounds a lot like Soviet-style secret police to me.