Tuesday, February 02, 2010

We keep finding more fake civilians

Thanks to Hamas' continuously adding new "martyrs" to their list of Al Qassam Brigades members killed during Cast Lead, plus incredible recent research done mostly by PTWatch, our list of people who were called "civilian" who were really members of terror groups keeps growing.

We are now up to 363 "civilians" (according to PCHR) who were really terrorists.

We have identified that fully 75% of the "policemen" killed in Gaza were known members of terror groups. Hamas' obituaries commonly refer to the "police" as "mujahadeen of the security forces" showing that Hamas certainly considered its police force to be jihadists.

If you add together all the "police," the fake "civilians" and the "militants" that PCHR admitted, we now have the names of 672 people who were legitimate targets in Gaza. That is nearly half of all the victims. For a war that was waged largely in urban areas, especially when the opposing side's entire strategy was to maximize civilian victims, was this is an enviable achievement.

And we are not done counting yet.