Monday, February 01, 2010

UAE "black magic" scam

The best part of this story is the last sentence:
Two men who thought they could double Dh250,000 (US$68,000) in a black magic scheme ended up with a bag full of counterfeit money, the Federal Supreme Court heard today.

An Emirati and an Omani man first heard late last year of two Africans who would supposedly double an investment using black magic, the court heard. They invited the men into the home of the Emirati and handed them a briefcase with Dh250,000, officials said.

The two Africans went into a bathroom and switched the money with counterfeit bills. They poured powder on the fake money and told them not to open the transparent bag until six hours had passed, officials said. They immediately left and switched off their phones.

Six hours later, the men opened the bag and discovered the currency was clearly counterfeit. They reported the incident to the police. Because black magic is illegal, the "investors" were also charged.