Saturday, February 20, 2010

Terror supporters violently protest Israeli ballet

From YNet:
Pro-Palestinian groups headed by Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel*, staged a protest rally outside an Israeli Ballet performance in the Flynn Theater in Burlington, Vermont, on Friday.

According to an Israel Radio report, four demonstrators eventually forced their way into the theater, waving signs saying that anyone who watched the performance was "supporting Israel's apartheid policy."

Company director Dan Rudolf alerted the theater's security personnel, as well as the local police, who promptly arrived at the scene and escorted the demonstrators outside.

The show resumed after a short intermission.
Actually, the protest was by Adalah-NY, a different group that happens to support terror and the total destruction of Israel. As their website says, " We also affirm the right of all people to resist occupation and oppression," which are codewords for terror attacks.

They are planning a protest of the same dance troupe in Brooklyn tomorrow.

UPDATE: In the comments someone is claiming that Adalah had nothing to do with this. Adalah-NY was in the forefront of publicizing the tour, so it doesn't seem like a very important distinction. Also someone from Adalah-NY took credit for the protest in the comments at YNet.

There is also a claim that the protesters weren't violent and they paid for the tickets. I saw another person who was there claimed that they did break in, and they did interrupt the performance (can't find that link now and, frankly, it isn't that important to me.)