Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Qaradawi forbids Hamas to reconcile with Fatah

As if we needed any more proof that rabid terror-supporting Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi was really a secret Zionist, he just came out with a fatwa - against Palestinian Arab unity.

Qaradawi said that if Hamas would reconcile with Fatah, then Hamas would lose its hold on Gaza. The logic is that Hamas is a part of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Gaza is now the first piece of land that the Muslim Brotherhood can point to as saying that they control it. Qaradawi does not want to give that up, no matter how much Gazans are suffering.

Qaradawi, who is regarded in some quarters as "moderate," came out with a fatwa in 2007 (according to Palestine Press Agency) saying that Hamas' violent coup was perfectly in line with Sharia law and that it was permissible to murder in order to establish the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza.