Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Iranian cleric warns of Jews buying land - in Kurdistan

From Iran's ever-entertaining PressTV:
A Sunni cleric in the northwestern Iranian city of Sardasht has warned about attempts by Israeli Jews to purchase 'Muslim lands' in Iraq's Kurdistan region.

“Unfortunately, in recent weeks, several individuals affiliated with Israeli Jews have been purchasing property from Iraq's Kurdish Muslim population, in violation of our religious guidelines," said Molla Khezr Rahimi in an address to a Quranic event on Tuesday.

Molla Rahimi, speaking at Sardasht's Amini Mosque, added that "individuals with ties to the Zionist regime" have managed to purchase land in Iraqi Kurdistan by offering lucrative deals.

“Some people have sold their land for worldly profits. They have been tricked by the Jews," Rahimi said.

“Selling Muslim land to people affiliated with Israel is haram (religiously forbidden) under any guise whatsoever, even if the land is being purchased to build a church, because this is part of a pre-planned plot."

The cleric told the people of the Kurdish border city that entering into deals with Israeli Jews for financial gain was wrong, as it would set the scene for further “Zionist presence" in the region.
I'm dying to know what the "pre-planned plot" is. Is Israel trying to purchase all of Kurdistan and kick the Muslims out to build a new Jewish state? Are the Jews trying to buy land near Iran to stage a ground invasion? Maybe they plan to build farms and factories that would smuggle evil Jewish goods into Iran. Or maybe they will use the land to build a tunnel underneath Muslim holy sites to destabilize them.

There are so many possible plots, why can't we hear the details?