Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Egyptian newspaper blames US allies for killing Nasser

Al Masry Al Youm has an editorial, titled "Who Killed Nasser?," that ends with this sterling logic:
The US allies' hatred of Nasser, which drove them to assassinate him, physically or morally, requires that we probe further into his murder, both criminally and politically. But until such an investigation is actually launched, we can say that Nasser was killed by Washington's Arab and Zionist allies.
In other words, "Since we have no data to support our wild suppositions, we just have to assume that they are completely true."

One other great part of the article:
Recently released documents belonging to the US, British and Israeli intelligence reveal the involvement of the rulers of some major Gulf countries in plans to defeat Nasser before the 1967 war. Those documents also uncovered secret communications with Israel to assassinate Nasser or defeat him--which is exactly what happened in 1967.
You see, Israel defeated Egypt because some Gulf countries asked them to!