Monday, January 11, 2010

Work accident!

Ma'an reports:
A Palestinian was killed and three injured in Israeli shelling in northeastern Gaza early Tuesday, medics said.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said forces were not operating in the area of the blast, which came 24 hours after three operatives from Islamic Jihad's military wing were killed in an airstrike in Gaza City.

Meanwhile, a security source told Ma'an that Israel was aware of an explosion near Beit Hanoun, "but as far as we can tell, it was an internal blast."

So who do we believe, the impartial medics or the evil Zionist enemy?

For the tiebreaker, look at Hamas' Al Qassam brigades website, where it mourns a person autotranslated as "Thaer Qassam vegetables" (I believe his real name is Thaer Kader) who died "while performing a task of Jihad" in northern Gaza. Palestine Press Agency says that one of the injured is clinically dead. Firas Press also says that it was an internal explosion.

It seems that the "medics" are as reliable as other Palestinian Arab "witnesses" to fictional Israeli crimes.

And the new year is starting off with a bang!

UPDATE: The badly injured terrorist has died as well. Send out the candies!