Sunday, January 24, 2010

Today's PalArab news (1/24/10)

A Hamas jeep in Gaza City was blown up by unknown assailants. No one was injured.

One was killed and dozens injured in an Arab clan clash that made it to east Jerusalem. Shops were torched and a bus was shot at. Israeli police are trying to calm things down.

Hamas leader Dr. Khalil Al Hayya said that Iran supports Hamas "financially, politically and morally." He pointedly did not say "militarily," not that he has to.

Hamas welcomed the new UNRWA Commissioner-General, Filippo Grandi. Interestingly, Hamas asked him to move the stranded Iraqis of Palestinian Arab origin from under the aegis of UNHCR (where they have a chance of becoming citizens of other nations and of not remaining "refugees" for generations) to UNRWA (where they will be added to the pawns being used as cannon fodder against Israel.)