Monday, December 07, 2009

Today's PalArab news 12/7/2009

The PFLP accused Hamas of shutting down a planned rally near Gaza City, saying that Hamas wants a monopoly on political opinion in the Strip.

A bomb destroyed a car, and damaged a house, of Maher Abu Khalil Shamallakh in Gaza. Firas Press uncovered audio evidence that Hamas was behind this assassination attempt, and indeed Hamas has been trying to suppress this news. I am not sure what Shammalakh's affiliation is.

There are reports that Israel has demolished 450 buildings that were illegally built in Area C. Not in the past week, or last month - but over the past 12 years! I wonder how this compares to the demolition of buildings for zoning or similar purposes in any other country. As usual, acting hysterical over a non-story turns it into a big deal.

After denying that there were any cases of swine flu in Gaza, Hamas admitted that there were five cases.By coincidence, two of them died yesterday.

In other Gaza health news, Hamas stopped some 40 hospital patients from traveling to Israel for treatment, including children who need intensive care.

Gazans who need a vacation are flocking to the dismantled Jewish settlements for rest and recreation.