Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The PA's heroic fight against - nylon?

From Ma'an:
Two tons of plastic nylon bought from Israeli settlements were confiscated by customs officers in coordination with the Palestinian police on Wednesday in Salfit.

Abdul Hamid Mezhar, head of the customs department at the Ministry of Economy, said that products manufactured on illegal Israeli settlements threatened Palestinian traders and the economy.

The customs officers said that the confiscated nylon would be destroyed in front of the media.
If the nylon was manufactured in the territories, chances are pretty good that Palestinian Arabs work there. And items manufactured in the territories would not "threaten Palestinian traders and the economy" any more than goods created to the west of the Green Line.

I cannot find a single Palestinian Arab manufacturer of nylon.

Once again, Palestinian Arab leaders are still thinking in terms of what would hurt Israel rather than in terms of what would help their own people.

I'd love to get a video of the destruction of two tons of nylon, though. Perhaps they will hand out candy on the occasion of actually winning a battle, if the fumes don't overpower them.