Monday, November 16, 2009

Another human rights organization attacked in Gaza

Over the past month, Hamas briefly shut down a human rights organization in Gaza, shut down a meeting on behalf of the International Federation of Journalists, attacked a news agency, stole construction materials, prevented kids from getting medical treatment, stopped a soccer player from leaving Gaza, attacked a charity organization (and a wedding,) and took over the Gaza Dental Association.

In general, Hamas has been very confident that it could throw its weight around in the wake of being let off pretty much scot-free in the Goldstone Report.

Well, we can probably add this incident to the list. While Hamas didn't take credit for this raid, they are the most obvious perpetrators - since they are the ones who stand to lose the most by independent human rights groups operating freely in Gaza.
On Sunday morning, 15 November 2009, offices of the al-Dameer Association for Human Rights were burgled by unknown persons who stole computers, and electronic files. According to a statement issued by al-Dameer on Sunday, its offices were raided and some of its contents were seized in a manner that raises doubts as to the nature and motivation of the offence, it is not believed that this was a straightforward case of burglary. Al-Dameer staff members, according to the official statement, were surprised that one of the doors into the office was opened. When they started to check their offices and computers they discovered that the offices were searched and documents were checked. They also found that computers had been operated and navigated, the memory of a digital camera documenting al-Dameer's activities was cleaned, and two out of 10 computers were taken.