Friday, November 13, 2009

Those "Gaza authorities"

As I have mentioned previously, the Goldstone Report doesn't condemn Hamas, and instead often refers to the "Gaza authorities" as if they were a legitimate government that is separate from "Palestinian armed groups" who shoot the rockets to Israel.

Since the "Gaza authorities" cannot control the "armed groups," in Goldstone's imagination, they cannot be held responsible for the actions of the "armed groups."

Both the "Gaza authorities" and the "armed groups" answer to the name Hamas, but that little detail just doesn't seem to be on Goldstone's radar.

Anyway, today the respected "Gaza authorities" decided that they needed some construction materials, no doubt to rebuild their "civilian infrastructure" and not to work on bunkers.

So they went to the local dealer, along with their police, and beat up the owners of the company that sells these materials. They also shot some bullets in the air, no doubt to ensure that the salespeople would treat them politely. They then proceeded to take what they wanted.

These are the people who Goldstone is asking politely to perform a proper, transparent investigation into possible war crimes.