Friday, October 23, 2009

Today's PalArab news (10/23)

A Jordanian newspaper claims that the US is telling the PA that it will cut aid to the group immediately and comprehensively if they go ahead and reconcile with Hamas without adhering to the Quartet's conditions. Mahmoud Abbas implied this pressure exists, telling Egyptian newspapers that certain international parties asked him not to sign a reconciliation agreement, and he is ignoring them.

More friction between Khaled Meshaal, the exiled Hamas leader who lives in Damascus, and the Gaza Hamas leadership. Meshaal is trying to stop any reconciliation with Fatah and he is sending money directly to the Qassam Brigades, bypassing the Hamas leadership.

Turkey censored parts from new episodes of a TV series after Israeli complaints of scenes showing Israeli soldiers murdering children.

In two separate incidents this month. Gaza folk singers were kidnapped, beaten and robbed:
According to Al-Qeshawi's statement to Al Mezan Centre, the armed men were wearing military uniforms and were repeating the word 'atheist' while beating them. The armed men said to the young boy 'Don't ever sing, singing is haram (religiously forbidden)'.
A Jordanian geologist is warning that a devastating earthquake is likely to hit southern Jordan, as they come every 75-100 years, and that building nuclear reactors in that area is dangerous. The last one was in 1927.

At least one Palestinian Arab newspaper took note of yesterday's amazing Independent article about how Arab governments treat Palestinian Arabs in their countries.

A Palestinian Arab inventor created an electrical generator that is powered by ocean waves. He can join the list.

A Gaza social worker is holding workshops on the problems of intolerance. It seems that many potential marriages are being stopped by families who do not like the political affiliation of the prospective spouses' families, and political differences have also caused divorces in Gaza.