Saturday, August 08, 2009

Fatah's token Jew

Believe it or not, a Jew attended the Fatah conference as a delegate and was nominated to Fatah's very peaceful sounding Revolutionary Council.

Uri Davis is exactly what you would expect: a far left, socialist British academic and professor of "peace studies" who passionately hates Zionism and Judaism (he just married a Muslim woman, his fourth marriage.)

Davis rejects Zionism as "racism."

Yet his position in Fatah is as an observer member (non-Palestinian) of the Palestinian National Council, to which he was appointed by Arafat in 1984.

Note the "non-Palestinian" part of his observer status. It just so happens that Davis was born in Jerusalem in 1943 - so he is a Palestinian by any reasonable definition of the term. The only possible reason that Fatah considers him "non-Palestinian" is because he is...drumroll, please....Jewish!

Apparently, this is not "racism" and not worthy of being criticized. One, because it is not against Israel, and two, because it could lead to his being assassinated. Besides that, Fatah is obviously very inclusionary.

The cluelessness of Israel bashers truly knows no bounds.

UPDATE: Davis converted to Islam in 2008. (h/t Israellycool)

UPDATE 2: His chances are slim. The Revolutionary Council has only a couple of dozen seats, and there are 617 candidates.