Thursday, August 20, 2009

Al Qaeda accuses Hamas of being stooges of the Jews

Too funny:
Media sources linked to Al-Qaeda criticized Hamas’ operation against the Salafi group Jund Ansar Allah (Soldiers for God) in Rafah on Friday, accusing the de facto government of “abdicating from Islam,” CNN Arabic reported Wednesday night.

The statement called Moussa a “martyr,” saying he was killed by “the bullets and the rockets of Hamas government.”

The statement linked the Hamas action, termed a “massacre” against Jund Ansar Allah, with clashes that took place last summer between Hamas police and Army of Islam affiliates in the Ash-Shyjayyiah area of Gaza City.

Hamas was further accused of working against Islamic groups and “Serving the Jews who occupy Palestine, and the Christians who fight against Iraq, Afghanistan Somalia and Chechnya.”
This is not the first time Al Qaeda insulted Hamas. Last year we saw the strange phenomenon of Al Qaeda scolding Hamas for attacking women and children, and Hamas answering back that they really don't.