Monday, June 15, 2009

Today's PalArab news roundup 6-15-09

Palestinian Arab negotiator Saeb Erekat continued his rejectionism by criticizing Binyomin Netanyahu's peace speech, saying it didn't address "outstanding historical grievances of 1948." Which pretty much tells you everything you need to know - Palestinian Arabs aren't interested in peace, but in grudges. (See more here.)

Hamas, meanwhile, accused Netanyahu of "racism" by demanding that Israel be known as a Jewish state. No word on the "racism" of the many Arab states that officially declare they are Muslim in their constitutions - including "Palestine."

A Hamas detainee died in PA custody. Hamas accused the PA of torturing him to death; the PA is claiming that he jumped out of a window and died. It is entirely possible that both are correct - that he jumped out of the window to escape torture.

The PA found explosives in the home of a Hamas member in Hebron.

A Palestinian Arab woman was given a 20-year prison sentence for "treason" for "collaborating" with Israel. Trials for "collaboration" seem to be more common that those for murder, rape or theft, based on reports in Palestinian Arab media.

A man was killed in a drive-by shooting in Gaza. The 2009 PalArab self-death count is now at 104 (I am not yet counting the prisoner who died.)