Saturday, April 25, 2009

Zionist oranges invade Iran

Iranians are freaking over seeing Israeli Jaffa oranges on store shelves. From Iran's PressTV:
Oranges allegedly imported from Israel have sparked controversy in Iran since Tehran has banned any sort of dealings with Tel Aviv.

The oranges have stickers with a sign that reads, "Jaffa sweetie Israel PO." However, they were distributed in boxes bearing 'made in China' prints.

In an interview with Mehr news agency, the head of the Fruit and Vegetable Distribution Organization in Tehran, Hossen Safaie described the incident as 'worrisome' adding that the violators of the law should be brought to justice.

Safaie said that his organization will follow the issue closely and will not allow those who want to make a profit ignore the Iranian citizens' religious and revolutionary learning.

Meanwhile, Deputy Iranian Commerce Minister Mohammad Sadeq Mofatteh presented a prize of 1,000,000,000,000 Iranian rials (USD 1 billion) for anyone who can prove that the Iranian Commerce Ministry has issued an import permit for the oranges, IRIB reported.

Mofatteh alleged that some rouge elements might have labeled the oranges as 'Jaffa sweetie Israel PO' in a bid to disgrace the ruling government.
If Israel was smart, they would take advantage of the existing paranoia that Iranian officials already have. Just slapping some Hebrew stickers around Tehran would be enough to cause Iranian officials to uncontrollably shake and sputter.

(Photos h/t Marc El)