Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update on PCHR fake-civilian publicity

I want to thank everyone who made suggestions to my draft press release as well as other ideas on how to get this information out there.

At the moment, I am talking indirectly to one major media outlet.

I am also in contact with one organization that is "definitely interested" in discussing how we could coordinate our efforts further. I would be much more comfortable finding a partner like that who would be able to verify and expand on what we have found and who already has experience in doing this sort of work. I can't speak for Suzanne or PTWatch but I would prefer that the news gets out widely by any means even if my name is not attached to it.

For now, a press release seems to be a little premature.

Side notes - I did manage to download all of the Al Qassam "martyrs" pages along with pictures. If anyone wants to go through the discussions in the messages as well as the links on the list and save the pages before they go stale or disappear, it would be appreciated.