Wednesday, April 08, 2009

That Israeli racism

After days of searching, the body of the Israeli student who was missing in the massive earthquake in Italy has been found.

The Israeli press has had headlines about search for the student for the past couple of days. That search was so frantic that even other nations' media commented on the story. The Jewish press in places as far as Australia were also closely following the story.

Clearly, the Jewish state and the worldwide Jewish community was very concerned for the fate of the missing student.

Who was an Arab.

That fact was mentioned, if at all, only incidentally in the Israeli press. An Israeli was missing, and it didn't matter what religion he was, just as long as he was found.

If Israel is as racist against Palestinian Arabs as it is commonly portrayed, why would the entire nation be so concerned about the fate of "just another Arab?" If the goal of Zionism is to ethnically cleanse Israel of Arabs, why wouldn't his death be celebrated by those racist Zionist Jews?

And if the Palestinian Arabs cared so much about each others' fate, how come I cannot find a single article in any Palestinian Arab newspaper about Hussein Hamada over the past three days? Nothing in Ma'an, nothing in IMEMC, nothing in Firas or Palestine Today. Palestinian Arabs who get slightly injured by "Zionists" or "settlers" or the "IOF" get top headlines, but a school student who dies tragically in an earthquake gets no coverage at all. I also couldn't find anything in the general Arab press like Al Arabiya or Al Jazeera.

Israel once again seems to care more about Arab lives than Arabs do.