Friday, April 17, 2009

So did Jews pray at the Temple Mount?

I had mentioned on Tuesday that Arabs were freaking out about reports that Jewish groups were planning to ascend to the Temple Mount on Thursday to pray. It turns out that the Israeli police prevented all Jews as well as Muslims under 50 from going there to prevent any riots.

But Ma'an claims that something else happened:
Israeli police officers in charge of preventing extremist settlers from performing religious rituals near the Al-Aqsa Mosque were seen praying there on Thursday.

Settlers had earlier been prevented by Jerusalem police from reaching Lion's Gate near Al-Aqsa on Thursday, yet the police themselves were later seen praying there.

Ma'an's Jerusalem correspondent reported that police removed their uniforms, put on head coverings, and began to pray in the area shortly after preventing settlers from reaching the very same place.
Of course there are no pictures so it is hard to tell whether this really happened or is just an attempt at incitement.

But it shows yet again the bigotry of Palestinian Arabs as they threaten violence if Jews dare consider praying at their holiest site.

Notice also how they define "extremist" Jews - not Jews who want to destroy the mosque, not Jews who threaten to kill all Arabs, but Jews who simply want to pray.