Friday, April 03, 2009

Quran teacher sexually abused male students

And then he used their sperm to make a ritual bath.

From Niger This Day:
“We only sent our children all the way from Gusau to aqcuire quranic education, but unknown to us, the man we entrusted them into his hands to be their teacher and guardian turned out to abuse them sexually.

“If only I had known that he was such a man, I would have kept my children with me and made them attend Islamiya from home under my care rather than put them under the care of a man that has almost ruined their lives.

“From what has just happened to me, I will not send any of my children away from my sight again and I enjoin other parents who can not stop sending their children away from their reach to aquire knowlege, they should always ask them personal questions when they come for Sallah holiday.” These were the words of Mallam Abubakar the father of two sons, Lawali Idris and Lawali Hassan whose children and 24 others were in Islamic school (the almajiri system) and were allegedly abused sexually by their teacher.

The accused teacher, Usman Sani, a 52 year-old man who hails from Gusau in Zamfara State was arrested by the Police at Erena in Shiroro Local Government of Niger State on allegations from one of the almajiris Ibrahim Musa, a 14 year-old in his custody who accused him of sexually abusing on different occassions.
The evil deeds of the teacher was exposed a day the boy said enough is enough and refused to be abused by his teacher and the teacher beat him so badly that Ibrahim had to escape to a near by house were he narrated his ordeal to the owners of the house.
According to Ibrahim, some nights, he will notice that their mallam which means teacher as he is called by his students will stick out his (Ibrahim) penis from his trouser and begin to orally abuse him. He said in most occasion, the mallam will collect his semen in a container and leave their room.

When asked the reason he was in Police custody, Sani narrated his own side of the story giving a detailed description of how he carries out the neferous act.

“At night, when the children fall asleep, I normally go to the older ones among them, undress them and orally them and I will then collect their semen into a container. I will make the sperm to dry after which I usually mix it with the bark of a tree and use the mixture in my bath water daily. I do this for wealth, spiritual strength and for proficiency of the spiritual assistance I render to my clients who come to seek assistance for different ailments and problems they are faced with,” he emphasised.
Though Sani refused to mention those who patronise him, it was obvious from what he said that some wealthy and powerful men in the society enjoy his patronage and those within the police premises where he was paraded are of the opinion that Sani uses the sperm of the young boys who are within the ages of 12-15 years for money-making rituals for his clients or use the sperm for longevity for himself or his clients.