Friday, April 24, 2009

Proof of the Hamas/Zionist Conspiracy!

One of the funnier parts of watching the Arab world is seeing how the worst insult possible is to call someone a Zionist.

You can understand how Hamas accuses Fatah of being "Zionist," after all, they actually negotiate with those hated Israelis. But can Fatah actually believe that Hamas is Zionist as well?

Apparently so.

Palestine Press Agency published a photo last August showing an Israeli flag flying serenely over a Hamas compound in Gaza City:

This caused a bit of a stir in the Fatah message boards, as poster after poster used this as proof that Hamas was cooperating with Israel and were really secret Zionists and that the Americans and Israelis were working together with Iranian Shi'ites and Hamas. Others expressed extreme sorrow that Hamas could have become such a lost cause.

Finally, one member wrote a message explaining that Hamas was creating a video about the life of one of its "martyrs" and that the Israeli flag was just a part of the scenery.

Even after that explanation, the posters kept on going, saying things like "Hamas = Iran = Israel = America" and "They are the grandsons of monkeys and pigs, they are terrorists and they belong to Israel" and "Hhahahahahahahaha we knew this for a long time. Hamas is the second incarnation of the Jewish state."

Not the brightest bunch.

(h/t Suzanne)