Monday, April 06, 2009

Ma'an again calls a terrorist "shahid"

From the Ma'an English site:
A group calling itself the “Ahrar An-Naqab” (Free People of the Negev) on Monday claimed responsibility for Saturday’s shooting at Israeli soldiers at the Shoket Junction near the southern Israeli city of Beer Sheva.

The statement also warned Israeli authorities who are continuing to detain family members of the “martyr,” Basma Nibari, threatening to carry out more “qualitative and unprecedented” attacks. The group asserted that the operation came in retaliation for Israeli atrocities in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, as well as demolition of homes in Jerusalem.

The statement denied claims that Nibari had personal or family troubles, affirming she was adamant about carrying out an attack against the occupation and wanted be “an example for Palestinians living inside Israel.”
Ma'an here, refers to the terrorist as a "martyr" in scare quotes, indicating that it does not agree that she is a heroine.

Part of the same article, in Arabic, autotranslated:
The statement warned Israel of the continued detention of [the family of the] martyred, and promising more of the operations launched by the quality and unprecedented, adding that the operation came in response to the massacres and crimes of the occupation in Gaza and the West Bank and the policy of house demolitions in Jerusalem and the right message to Government that it will face a "black days. "

The "Free Negev Brigade" denied that Şahide Alnbari had any family or personal problems, "but was determined to implement the process to become a model in the '48 Arab [territories] and deter the occupation and martyrdom for the sake of Allah."
It took out the scare quotes for "martyr" and explicitly called the terrorist girl a "shahid" in the latter paragraph.

Which means that the most "moderate" Palestinian Arab news source explicitly endorses terror attacks inside Israel and considers those who perform them to be heroes.

It also means that the average Palestinian Arab would prefer to see Arabs in Israel act like a fifth column, something that would inevitably make their lives harder.