Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gaza fake civilian count keeps rising

PTWatch and Suzanne are doing a fantastic job finding more fake "civilians" from Gaza who were in fact terrorists. We are now up to 94 114 on our list, of whom 75 were identified as "civilian" and the rest as "policemen/civilian" by PCHR. Suzanne is now noticing "martyrs" listed on the Hamas Arabic site who were called "civilian" by PCHR.

Keep in mind that a great number of the remaining "civilians" are young men between 17 and 35, and many other terrorists are not publicly known. In fact, Hamas is still releasing the names of new "martyrs" a few times a month even now, as they try to balance hiding the number of losses they had with memorializing their "heroes."

It is also notable that at least 8 of the terrorists have been listed as "children" by PCHR (7 explicitly called "militants" by PCHR, one additional one identified from the Al Mezan list.)

More useful analysis can be done given the differing lists from Al Mezan and PCHR. Human shields can be identified if one carefully looks at the location of the terrorists killed and line them up with civilians killed at the same place. Similarly, children and wives with the same last name killed at the same place as known terrorists would indicate that they were being used as human shields, or at the very least they were endangered knowingly (as is the case of the family of Nizar Rayan.)

As this list grows, the utter mendacity of so-called "human rights organizations" in Gaza is proven over and over again. They knowingly lie in order to make Israel look as bad as possible.