Thursday, April 02, 2009

Dubai asks Google to censor the Internet

Al Arabiya (Arabic) reports:
Officials of the Dubai Police asked the popular search engine "Google" to find a mechanism "to reduce the spread of pornographic images and films that would create problems and decadence in the society, especially among young people and adolescents."

The police said in Thursday, "During a meeting in Dubai, security officials demanded that the Google Director of Development in the Middle East and Europe, Giselle Hescuk, limit the spread of pornographic passages, which make fun of religions, support atheism and calls to promote new religions, as well as asked her to prevent the part [of Google] which violate privacy, and calls for terrorism and violence, which are not suitable for young people, and promote calls for chaos and insecurity, and the passages which urge people to commit suicide and self-destruction."

An official complained about "people who exploit the Internet sites and redirect to locations incompatible with our customs and traditions, and the modesty of the people are hurt and dishonored."

He stressed that "The Dubai Police are not against freedom, but they are duty-bound to preserve the society and its customs and traditions," adding that "the security services and police will intensify its coordination with the Co-operators of the Internet in the UAE, and with it keep abreast of technical developments, in order to protect the youth" .

Another official said the campaign will ask the Internet service providers in the UAE for a ban on the display of pornographic images, and cartoons of religions, and anything out of the customs and traditions of society, did not rule out that the campaign includes an other sites, including the "Facebook" social site.