Monday, April 06, 2009

AP shows anti-Zionist bias in Tel Aviv article

AP has an article about Tel Aviv's 100th anniversary. While it should have been a puff piece, they still manage to throw in their own biases.

The headline in the Philadelphia Inquirer calls it the "First Jewish City." The caption of photos call it "the world's first purpose-built Jewish city."

Somehow, I seem to recall a whole bunch of Jewish cities built over two thousand years ago. The AP has implicitly accepted the Arab claims that Israel has nothing to do with Jewish history, and was built on Arab land.

Even worse is what they quoted here:
In last year's mayoral election, a third of the vote went to Dov Khenin, a Jewish member of a mixed Arab-Israeli party. He finished second.

Still, having been founded as an entirely Jewish city on empty land purchased from its Arab owners, "in that regard," said Khenin, "it is not a Zionist city, because in no way was it based on the oppression of the Arabs."

AP quotes a Jew who defines Zionism as the oppression of Arabs - which is exactly the Arab definition, and exactly not the Zionist definition!

Of course, AP doesn't bother to find anyone who disputes this assertion - one that justifies terror attacks, world hatred and Arab intransigence towards Israel. AP obviously believes it as self-evident, expecially since it found a Jew to assert it.

So the mainstream media continues its mission to demonize Israel even in a minor feature about what should be a celebration of Israel.