Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another day, another bomb factory in a mosque

Ma'an Arabic reports:
The Palestinian Interior Ministry on Sunday revealed that their security forces seized a cache of explosives inside a mosque in the city of Qalqilya.

The ministry said in a statement to Ma'an that the explosives seized by the security forces have been manufactured inside the mosque, which it seized, in addition to find the quantities of materials used in the manufacture of these explosives.
Arutz-7 fills in the details:
Hamas terrorists in Kalkilya built a large supply of bombs and stored them in a local mosque without raising suspicion from local Palestinian Authority armed forces who represent the rival Fatah faction. However, the terrorists were out of luck on Wednesday, Passover eve, when a simple electric shortage gave away their plans.

The shortage caused a small fire in the mosque, bringing PA forces to the building, where they found bombs ready for use and large cannisters of bomb-making materials. The mosque was closed down, and PA sappers removed the explosives.

The bombs were then turned over to the IDF, which sent experts to detonate the weapons in a controlled explosion.

A captain in the PA forces told Israeli journalists that the mosque had been used to both produce and store the bombs. “It was a huge weapons lab,” he said.

Four people have been arrested in connection to the incident, he said, two of them members of Hamas and two “everyday citizens.”
If you listen very carefully, you can almost hear the complete absence of any outrage on the part of Muslims that one of their holy sites was used to manufacture weapons of death. Could it be that they think that the murder of human beings is completely consistent with the Religion of Peace?