Sunday, April 12, 2009

The algorithm of Palestinian Arab claims

There is a very simple algorithm to determine if Palestinian Arabs claim that something belongs to them.

Step 1. Determine if Israel claims it.


Jewish shrines? Every single one is claimed to be a Muslim shrine, belonging to Palestinian Arabs.

Jewish-built cities? Every single one is claimed to have been built on some Palestinian Arab village.

Zionist advances in science, medicine, arts, literature? All wouldn't have been possible without the Zionists "stealing land," therefore it belongs to Palestinian Arabs.

Eastern Palestine? No, Jews aren't claiming it, so Jordan can keep it.

The Sinai? No, Jews gave that up, and Egypt wants to make sure that no Palestinian Arabs could possibly own land there. Maybe some of them considered it Palestinian Arab land before Camp David, but certainly not now.

And now the Palestinian Arabs are claiming - the Dead Sea Scrolls!

From Ma'an:
The Palestinian Authority's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities called on Canada to cancel an exhibition of Dead Sea Scrolls, which an official said were stolen by Israel from the West Bank, AFP reported on Sunday.

"The exhibition would entail exhibiting or displaying artifacts removed from the Palestinian territories," said Hamdan Taha of the ministry's archaeological department, according to the Toronto Star Newspaper.

Taha called on Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harmer to cancel the exhibition, which is scheduled to open at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto in June.

Other senior Palestinian officials signed the letter to Canada's prime minister, the AFP reported, insisting that the texts were taken illegally after Israel annexed East Jerusalem in 1967.
Isn't it interesting that they say that the Scrolls were taken in 1967? I wonder what Palestinian Arab had them in his possession before that, and who exactly stole them from him. Especially since they were being studied throughout the 1950s and 60s. And most of them were purchased in the 1950s by David Samuel Gottesman and given as a gift to the State of Israel, where the Shrine of the Book that houses many of them was built in 1965.

Apparently, since the Palestinian Arabs have so little to show for their past sixty years of whining, they think it is much more efficient to claim everything Israeli as really being theirs. It sure saves effort, and they know from experience that the world will believe them, no matter how outlandish their claims are.