Friday, March 06, 2009

Terrorist supporters offended by Israeli cartoon

Ahmed and Salim is a funny, South Park-type cartoon made by two Israelis that make wicked fun of Arab terrorists. Naturally, this offends...the terrorists.

This article from the Islamic Jihad mouthpiece Palestine Today tells the ummah about this scourge, and is almost as funny as the cartoon itself:
The cartoon series "Ahmed and Salim" shows that the Israelis are determined to use the media machine to further tarnish the image of the Arabs. The series creators are from the young Israeli generation, adopting modern means of communication to promote racism: Tom Trager and Or Paz are authors of a series which show every week on YouTube.

"Ahmed and Salim" is a comedy that portrays Arabs as "terrorists" who want to kill Israelis and Americans for kicks. But these «terrorists» are always just plain wrong, turning the fire of terrorism on themselves because they always fail to target the Israelis and the Americans! The series, which has four episodes so far; the first had a record half-million views on «YouTube». However, the remaining three episodes were much more serious, as it confirmed its determination of the creators to deliver the the message that the Arabs are just «stupid», will not be able to convince anyone of the legitimacy of their cause, and that the resistance would only lead to a dead end.
The article goes on to mention that the UAE version of YouTube banned the cartoon and then goes on to give a synopsis of every episode.

It is hilarious that so many Arabs are offended by a cartoon that is clearly mocking only terrorists. It's almost as if they identify with Ahmed and Salim's hapless terrorist father...

Here's Episode 3: