Monday, March 23, 2009

"Iranian missiles didn't work in Gaza"

According to an article in Firas Press, Hamas and other terror groups had placed a lot of faith in advanced Iranian anti-tank missiles that they had smuggled into Gaza - and the missiles failed.
A prominent leader of the Popular Resistance Committees supervised the military operations of the brigades in the northern sector, and said that [the Iranian missiles] failed to destroy the columns of tanks and in ambushes because armor piercing Iranian missiles "Al-vandam", which were supplied by Iran through Hamas tunnels and the sea to be used to address any Zionist aggression in Gaza, were defective.

'These missiles are corrupt and unfit for use. During the fighting the Qassam Brigades and Al-Nasser Brigades fired them at Israeli tanks, but they did not explode ...the leadership of the Qassam Brigades felt betrayed by Iran'.

The Popular Resistance Committees felt that this letdown was the major reason they couldn't fight Israel the way Hezbollah had in their recent war with Israel.
The frustrated terrorists are feeling betrayed by Iran, thinking that the regime had purposefully sent them duds. I am wondering if the IDF jammed the electronics on the Iranian missiles.