Sunday, March 01, 2009

Garden-variety anti-semitism

Citizen journalism definitely has its downsides.

I just came across an article in something called The City Wire where the Jewish ownership of media companies is detailed. It was written by an anonymous writer called "Terrible Tommy" who, by sheer coincidence, also is big on pushing the USS Liberty as an Israeli conspiracy to kill Americans.

The article looked familiar to me. Sure enough, it was actually written by none other than David Duke, even though it was presented as original.

This sort of thing has been increasing a great deal lately. It used to be relatively rare to see outright anti-semitism in "news" sites indexed by Google - The People's Voice and Uruknet were exceptions. But now, this sort of thing is visible more and more.

Clearly, Jew-hatred is becoming more fashionable and more acceptable. The haters are no longer embarrassed to spout their vitriol in public, and they don't find the need to hide behind "anti-Zionism" as much as they did only a year ago.

UPDATE: It looks like that article and some other of Terrible Tommy's hate has been deleted from City Wire.