Friday, January 02, 2009

Now is a good time to backup your blog

Since YNet got hacked this morning, it appears to be a prudent time for pro-Israel bloggers to backup their blogs, which is what I've been doing this morning instead of posting.

I was only able to research how to backup Blogger blogs, so here is how:

If you have Windows, simply download the Blogger Backup Utility for free. It quickly downloads your Atom feed posts to your hard drive and it can do incremental backups as well as restores.

Another much uglier way is to simply go to your blog's URL in this way:


where yourblogname is, um, your blog name and the number at the end is the number of posts you want to see. This will create a huge, single page with all of your posts that you can save. Unfortunately, restore from such an archive would be really time consuming and ugly, but it is better than losing everything.