Sunday, January 04, 2009

News roundup

News you might have missed:

The 2009 PalArab self-death count got a huge boost from reports that Hamas has been executing Fatah members, killing 35 of them, worried that they are planning a coup during Israel's invasion. Palestine Press reports on many incidents of Hamas shooting Fatah members in the legs and beating them up, but only a few deaths.

Hamas is claiming very few casualties on their side; that they have killed 10 Israeli soldiers, and that they have kidnapped two of them, and destroyed tanks. All of these claims are, shall we say, dubious.

Here's a good example of PalArab "reporting," in English, from Ma'an:
Israel's air force strikes orphanage in Ar-Ramal; one killed

Israeli air forces struck an orphanage in the Ar-Rimal neighborhood of Gaza city on Saturday night, Ma'an's reporter in Gaza said.

One person was killed in an attack. The apparent target of the attack was a group of Palestinian fighters stationed near a mosque in the same neighborhood.

Residents of the Ar-Rimal neighborhood said that explosions could be seen in the vicinity of the Al-Amal (Hope) orphanage.
The headline implies Israel killing a kid in an orphanage; by the end you can see that it is likely that Israel killed a "fighter" near an orphanage.

Gaza cell phone and Internet service is being severely disrupted.