Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Great moments in autotranslation

This is tasteless, but I'm a weak person.

The autotranslation of an article in the Islamic Jihad mouthpiece Palestine Today talks about the alleged ruthless destruction of an entire village by the heartless Zionist army.

It is called the village of Dik Hole:
Destroyed most of their homes and farms and other land
The Israeli army removed the village, "Dik hole" on the map of the Gaza Strip

Words can not describe what you can watch the destruction and devastation and disaster in the Gaza Strip has been the result of the Israeli aggression which targeted over 23 days. But the case of the village, "Dik hole", which is located south-east of Gaza City, completely different, because there is no longer in the village of origin to talk about.
The article continues, including fantastic details like the IDF executing cows of the doomed village of Dik Hole.

There are too many jokes I can make, all of them really inappropriate. I don't doubt that my readers will come up with some, though.