Friday, January 23, 2009

Egypt claims that Hamas weapons come from Israel

From Firas Press:
Ambassador Mukhlis Qutb, the Secretary-General of the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights, says that Egypt has documents and evidence and confessions that the arms of the Palestinians within the occupied territories come mostly from individuals who hold Israeli citizenship, and that all sales, procurement and trade occurs in secret places inside Israel, in addition to the sale and smuggling of weapons stores by some of the members of the occupying forces.

He said that Egypt had not allowed under any circumstance to use its border for arms smuggling, and rejected U.S. and Israeli attempts to sign security agreements for electronic or human surveillance close to its borders, because that does not conform with the requirements of Arab national security and Egypt.
Obviously, Chinese and Iranian Grad rockets must come from Israeli weapons collectors who bring them back on their commercial flights from their vacations in the Far East.

How could we even consider that the hundreds of Rafah tunnels would be used for anything besides candy and cows?