Friday, January 02, 2009

Bloggers' block

After a week of seeming non-stop blogging, I cannot find any stories today that aren't being covered well by other pro-Israel blogs. Or maybe I'm just tired.

There are plenty of great things to read out there, at Daled Amos, Meryl Yourish, Soccer Dad, Israel Matzav (possibly the best place to find videos), and now even the IDF Spokesperson Blog. These are besides the liveblogging I've mentioned before from Israellycool and The Muqata and the coverage from Mere Rhetoric.

My "If the IDF made Hamas-style videos..." video is still doing well on YouTube, with over 3000 views. It also is adding interest to my older Hello Martyr, Hello Fatah video. You can see most of my videos, the serious and the funny, on the Elder of Ziyon YouTube channel.

Whether I find a second wind or not, thanks for visiting and have a pleasant and peaceful Shabbat!