Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today's PalArab news

A Hamas member was killed in a "work accident", which pro-Hamas Arabs blame on "shrapnel" from an Israeli tank missile but which more objective Arabs note was one of those "mysterious explosions." Hamas noted that the terrorist was in the midst of a jihad task.

Hamas officials in Gaza are now claiming that hundreds of thousands of chicks were euthanized because there was no fuel to keep them warm, and two million more are in danger of being killed. Which makes one wonder how farms managed to work before the 20th century, as well as why aren't the chicks being fed to "starving" Gazans?

Hamas is trying to force a family from Gaza to leave their home. It seems that they live near Hamas leader Haniyeh; maybe it is one of those "land grabs" that Arabs always complain about.

Hamas attacked a wedding on Tuesday night, because the members were singing Fatah tunes. They broke chairs and sound equipment and abducted a number of celebrants.

The Saudi Committee for the Relief of the Palestinian People somehow sent a convoy of trucks filled with rice to Gaza. Last week they brought flour, next week they plan to bring dried milk. In the past they have worked with UNESCO and UNICEF, so apparently this convoy came through Israeli territory, but I cannot find any other story about this.

An Islamic Jihad leader predicts that Hamas will declare a new Palestinian Arab president in January, further pushing the division between Gaza and Ramallah.

Tunnel builders in Rafah are increasing the amount of fuel smuggled into Gaza from Egypt, building new pipelines. They expect to have completed a real pipeline, as opposed to the hoses they use now, in the next week or so, and they hope to be able to transport natural gas as well.

The 2008 PalArab self-death count is now at 214.