Sunday, September 21, 2008

Today's peaceful PalArab news

A "mysterious explosion" Deir al-Balah in Gaza injured 3. Those words are the usual euphemism for "premature terror bomb explosion."

Hamas' leader promised that Gaza will never go back to the way it was before Hamas' coup, bragging about how much better it is now. The few dozen Christians left in Gaza and the doctors who are still on strike had no comment.

The PA, meanwhile, continues to indirectly bankroll Hamas in Gaza, today offering $500 to the families of every Gaza prisoner.

Ma'an (English) reports that Israel confiscated "vast areas of Palestinian lands" in the Jordan Valley. What exactly is a "vast amount of land"? 140 dunams, which is about 0.05 square miles.

In protest of Israel's restrictions of concrete to Gaza (which Hamas uses to build Hezbollah-style military bunkers and weapons tunnels) a Palestinian Arab in Rafah decided to build a sturdy house out of mud, straw, wood and garbage, to symbolize to the world Palestinian Arab suffering. A picture of the house shows that he included at least one other essential item to prove how bad things are in Gaza - a satellite dish.

UPDATE: 2 dead in a new tunnel collapse. The 2008 PalArab self-death count rises to 187.