Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today's PalArab press roundup

How the PA handles demonstrators: Last night a PalArab man was shot by PA security forces as he was demonstrating against a water shortage in a camp north of Bethlehem. Ten more were beaten. (Yesterday it was reported that the man was killed; this morning it is reported that he was injured.)

Caustic terror: A PalArab woman threw acid on the faces of two IDF soldiers at the Huwwara checkpoint. She escaped into Nablus.

Hamas still trying to break strike: Hamas continues to raid the houses of doctors participating in the health-care strike in Gaza. Hamas also closed dozens of free clinics that the striking doctors set up in Gaza City. I have yet to see a "human rights" organization blame Hamas for these kinds of activities; instead making "even-handed" statements about how both sides are wrong.

Trouble in Paradise: There are increasing reports of friction between Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza, although they are trying to hold talks in Damascus.

Shocking: A Gazan was killed - apparently electrocuted - while working in a smuggling tunnel on the Egyptian border.

Party of God wants to party: Hezbollah leader Nasrallah hinted that he would attack Israel if Israel does anything "aggressive," even in Gaza.

Another humanitarian crisis in Gaza: A number of articles have complained bitterly about the plastic bag shortage in Gaza, forcing some stores to make bags out of newspapers to sell their goods. Prices for plastic bags have gone way up as some suppliers hoard their inventories. Lauren Booth will have to carry her souvenirs by hand.

"Stupid woman": A Gazan man, probably a municipal worker or teacher, divorced his "stupid" wife because she didn't want him to continue his Fatah-encouraged strike in Gaza.