Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday linkfest

Lots of great stuff out there today:

Muslim preacher Omar Bakri threatened Paul McCartney's life for agreeing to play in a concert in Israel.

Did the Iranian Paralympic basketball team pull out of competition over a possible match with Israel?

One of the major themes of blogs this week was Charlie Gibson's interview with Sarah Palin. For those who like to get caught up in the minutiae of American politics, this article by Charles Krauthammer is a must-read.

Did The Jerusalem Post cave to legal pressure from a Guardian columnist? It does seem strange that they would remove a non-offensive "counterpoint" column because of an unmoderated comment that got through...

Batya muses on the recent uptick of attacks on Jews from Arabs in the West Bank, wondering if they are responses to Israel's recent attempts at "peace".

Plus she also hosts this week's Haveil Havalim roundup of the best of the Jewish blogosphere.

Israelis invent a suit that allows some disabled people to walk, and another that might allow regular people to fly.