Monday, September 01, 2008

The saga of Shaymaa Samir Qudeih

Shaymaa Samir Qudeih is a brilliant student attending school in Saudi Arabia. She has received top honors from her high school in Jeddah, and she ranked eighth in all of Saudi Arabia in her science exam, gaining a score of 99.76%. Her dream was to go to the King Abdulaziz University medical school in Jeddah to become a doctor.

But she was rejected - because she is considered a "Palestinian."

Her father, Samir Hassan Qudeih, is a geology engineer who has lived in Saudi Arabia for 42 years. Shaymaa was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. As a devoted Muslim, Samir does not want to send Shaymaa abroad to study, preferring that she go to the local university where she can stay with her family.

The university has other ideas, as it restricts the acceptance of "foreign" students.

Here we again see that a great number of Arabs of Palestinian descent are stateless and discriminated against because of the bigoted and institutionalized discrimination that they face, not from Israel, but from their host Arab countries. Not only are these descendants of PalArabs born in practically every Arab country fated to be stateless, but so are their children and grandchildren, forever.

And the reason is because the Arab world would prefer that the Palestinian Arab problem remain festering forever. Kuwaitis and Egyptians can become naturalized Saudi citizens, but Palestinian Arabs cannot.

The Arabs hate Israel far more than they love their brother - and sister - Arabs.