Monday, September 22, 2008

The "Paul Isn't Dead" thread

Yerushalimey in the comments requested a Beatles thread, and why not?

At the left-wing Alternative Information Center we see an "open letter" to Sir Paul from a Jewish Israel-basher who insults McCartney in his feeble attempt to influence him to drop his Israel show this week. Evidently he doesn't quite get how "open letters" are supposed to work. It is funny, though:
If we are honest Paul, where John Lennon led you followed. When John Lennon gave back the MBE you were forced to do likewise. When he was dead and buried you were happy to accept a gong, a Knighthood, from Her Majesty. When John wrote in support of the struggle for Irish freedom, with songs such as Bloody Sunday and Luck of the Irish, you penned Give Ireland Back to the Irish. When John paid the fines of demonstrators against the Springbok Tour, the South African Rugby squad, you kept quiet, your hands in your pockets.
In other words, Paul, you have no mind of your own. So you should listen to me!
The only conclusion that can be drawn from your decision to play in Israel, especially given that your tour was cancelled only a few weeks ago, is that the most important question in your mind was the money you would receive for playing rather than any notions of peace. As recent publicity made clear, you have far more money at your disposal than any human being could spend in one lifetime. Do you really need the money that this concert will provide you? Has it not occurred to you that not only could you have afforded to make a small sacrifice, as have many other artists have done who are far poorer than you, but that you would have made a positive contribution towards bringing about a peaceful solution?
When you write songs about love, I thought you were a socialist - and now I'm disappointed to find out that you are a money-grubbing capitalist pig!
Perhaps the best comment that could be made about your decision to play in Israel is the title of a song which was addressed to you on John Lennon's Imagine.

**How do you sleep at night?**
Great move - mention a song which was as insulting as possible to Paul, telling him that he has no talent, as incentive to get him to abandon his concert.
Yerushalimey mentions that Aleinu can be sung to Obladi Oblada. That is a bit of a stretch, but Mary Hopkin's "Those Were the Days" fits perfectly with L'cha Dodi - and was produced by Paul. He evidently played guitar on it as well, which was Apple's second single after "Hey Jude."
Speaking of, despite Jewish grade-school rumors at the time, there is no evidence that "Hey Jude" had anything to do with Jews.
It is very funny that the AIC idiot assumes that John Lennon would never have played in "apartheid" Israel. Yoko Ono had two exhibitions there in 2000, one in Jerusalem and one in an Arab city in northern Israel, Umm al-Fahm, thus showing that everyone knows that Jerusalem is a Jewish city!
And how many Arab magazines would feature John and Yoko on the cover?