Friday, September 12, 2008


On Wednesday night, Soccer Dad asked me if I still had a picture I had made years ago and posted on this blog of a panorama of Manhattan taken from Jersey City. Unfortunately, the image hosting service that I stored it on went out of business and I no longer have the original.

As a result, I offered to create a new one.

Yesterday morning, I took a series of photos from a similar vantage point and sent them to him. Unfortunately, photographing Manhattan from New Jersey is problematic in mornings, as the sun is rising behind the skyline, so I wasn't altogether happy with the results:
(click to enlarge)

The good news is that I got the shot I posted yesterday of the Jersey City Fire Department shooting plumes of red, white and blue-colored water with the Statue of Liberty visible in the background.

In the afternoon, I tried once again to capture a panorama of Manhattan, with better results:
The rightmost image of the series was slightly out of focus but altogether I am happy with the results, and Soccer Dad used it to illustrate his 9/11 round-up.

I used my latest camera, a Nikon Coolpix S210, and I used Autostitch software to piece the ten images together (11 images in the morning shot.) Autostitch is the easiest software I've seen yet for doing this, and it works in two dimensions as well.