Monday, September 01, 2008

Hypocritical Anis

I wasn[t going to bore my readers with any more about Anis Hamadeh, the self-righteous German-Palestinian Arab "peace activist" who took such umbrage at my spoof of his "Free Gaza" song that he told threatened to sue me for copyright infringement, but this is too funny.

The aptly-named Anis has a page on his website where he links to 350 YouTube videos of the Beatles! These include entire Beatles movies as well as songs, most of which are clearly under copyright. I somehow doubt that Anis ever contacted Capitol or Apple or EMI or Paul McCartney about whether these videos are legally up on YouTube. (He also has an Elvis video page.)

Even better, after my little episode he added this text on his Free Gaza Song Contest page:
Copyright note: Songs, lyrics, videos and images are the copyright of their respective owners. As this is a public event fair use is appreciated. For commercial and media use please contact Anis
As my use of his song was by any definition "fair use," this means that Anis only defines "fair use" as "whatever fits my political opinions."

Ya gotta love these leftists for their consistent hypocrisy.

(I wonder if he is looking at the pictures I used in my Rachel Corrie video to see if one of them was perhaps copyrighted, so he can threaten me again.)