Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Human rights orgs still silent over latest Hamas outrages

Hamas continues to arrest and beat striking health workers in Gaza:
Speaking from Ramallah, Zakarnah told Ma’an, “De facto government police on Tuesday arrested Maysarah Fayyad, a nurse who works at Mubarak Hospital, Dr Kamal An-Namlah, head of surgeons at Nasser Hospital, Dr Abdul-Halim Al-Masri, from Ash-Shifa Hospital, Wisam Karim, administration employee at Muhammad Ad-Durrah Hospital, Usamah As-Sa’idi and Muhammad Lafi from Muhammad Ad-Durrah Hospital.

He added that de facto government security assaulted the arrestees, beating them while in detention at Al-Mashtal prison in order to pressure them to end strike.
Hamas is also harassing the doctors' families:
The Hamas movement on Tuesday called for demonstrations in front of the homes of doctors who are on strike in the Gaza Strip, beginning with with three doctors in the city of Khan Younis.
There was also a bomb outside a pharmacy that closed for the strike.

And "human rights" organizations still remain silent. Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have nothing about these actions on their pages.

One group that has acknowledged what is going on is the UN news agency, IRIN, but it frames it (and the teachers' strike) as simply "political strikes", barely alluding to any violence and making it sound like both sides are equally guilty in the next to last paragraph:
A senior UN political official told IRIN he was concerned by the "transfers and replacements" by Hamas of health and teaching professionals and the subsequent strikes called by unions, which he said "threaten the provision of health and education services to the people of Gaza who already face considerable hardship."

In various reports released by local and international rights groups both the Ramallah government and the de facto rulers of Gaza have been accused of politically motivated attacks and arrests in the areas under their respective control.
Here we have the UN considering the arrests of Hamas terrorists in the West Bank to be the same as Hamas arrests and torture of teachers and doctors.

This is a vindication of Hamas' terror. The facts are plain, but the UN and other NGOs are so afraid of Hamas attacking them that they refuse to condemn these heinous acts, making a tacit deal with terrorists and justifying it to themselves as saying that things would be worse if they were forced to leave or close down. The net result is that Hamas is emboldened to increase their attacks on civilians in Gaza, and the only people blamed for the poor shape of medicine in the territory are Israelis.

(Also silent in all this are groups like British teachers' unions, who are quick to condemn Israel but never said a word about Hamas replacing 2000 union teachers with unqualified Hamas workers.)