Thursday, September 04, 2008

"Free Gaza" rescue mission

The next "Free Gaza" boat is set to sail on September 22nd, and it has one main goal: to get the nine stranded Freaks of Gaza the hell out of there:
International human rights advocates plan to stage another siege-breaking voyage to the Gaza Strip on 22 September after two boats challenged an Israeli military blockade in August.
The Boat will also pick up nine international activists who are stranded in Gaza following the first voyage of the Free Gaza Movement. Among the stranded foreigners is British journalist Lauren Booth, the sister-in-law of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The Free Gaza movement also announced on Thursday that it would deliver mail to Palestinians in Gaza.
Apparently, even the Freakazoids of Gaza don't really think there is a "humanitarian crisis" in Gaza if they think that delivering "mail" (are the Zionists censoring their Victoria's Secret catalogs?) and ferrying moonbats is more important than food and medicine that is supposedly in such short supply.

The Freaks of Gaza movement better be careful - PalArabs have a tendency to attack "humanitarian aid" groups that don't deliver enough free stuff to them. One well-placed rumor that FGM is bringing over a huge ship filled with consumer goods like TVs and motorcycles could end up killing the poor peace activists when the Gazans are disappointed again.