Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A convenient fatwa

A Hamas mufti came out with a fatwa that justifies Hamas' arresting striking teachers - and stealing their money:
Marwan Abu Ras, leader of the Hamas-led Palestine Scholars Association Hamas movement and a representative of Hamas in the legislature ruled that Hamas may suppress and punish doctors, teachers and staff who are on strike in the Gaza Strip and allows the seizure of their money to pay for new teachers appointed by Hamas.

Abu Ras said that "The strike by staff at this time is a moral and religious crime of first degree and a betrayal of national interest. The strike is contrary to God's orders, a crime of humanity and religious legitimacy and a national betrayal by all standards."

Abu Ras called on Hamas "to chase strikers legally and legitimately, punish and impose fines on them and hold them to maximum penalties because of their strike, and for the government in Gaza to bring in other non-striking teachers and take appropriate action to pay salaries of new teachers from the pockets of striking teachers."
What an amazing coincidence that a Hamas scholar would study the sources impartially, pray for guidance from Allah and come out with a legal opinion that Hamas is right all along!