Friday, September 26, 2008

14 weeks in a row

For the fourteenth consecutive week, far more Palestinian Arabs managed to die from their own actions than from anything Israel did.

According to the PCHR, the IDF killed one "child" this week (a boy who was lighting up a Molotov cocktail and who had, the week before, stabbed a 9-year old). Interestingly, they repeat the accusation that the IDF was responsible for a woman's death in Abu Dis, but they don't count it as someone the IDf killed. (The woman apparently died of a heart attack.)

Meanwhile, I counted 10 people killed by Palestinian Arab actions this week in the territories - 5 in tunnel incidents that had no apparent other cause, the rest shootings and the like.

And, for more comparison, 5 more were apparently killed by Egypt when it dynamited a smuggling tunnel. And one PalArab was killed in a bomb in a mosque in Lebanon this week; three more killed last week in intra-PalArab fighting.

I dunno; this genocidal IDF is not doing a very good job compared to the Palis themselves.